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California T6.1, T6, T5, and Beach: Very easy to install using plaquené-velcro pieces and rivets.

California T4/Viano MarcoPolo/SCA 190/Michelangelo/Trafic/Vivaro/Primastar Sinter and Westfalia Nugget: Installation using adhesive Velcro and rivets.

Instrucciones de instalación del aislante térmico de techo elevable Viano Marco Polo

Installation instructions for VW T4 pop-up roof thermal insulation.

Installation instructions for VW T5/T6 pop-up roof thermal insulation.

Weight 1 kg
Campervan model

Atlas Camper VW T5/T6/T6.1, Bram -M-, Bram Custom, Bram T5/T6, CAMPROOF VW T5/T6, Fiat Michelangelo Westfalia, Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget (2020), Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget PLUS, Hymer Grand Canyon S, Mercedes 447 Activity, Mercedes 447 Horizon, Mercedes 447 Marco Polo, Mercedes 638 Vito Marco Polo, Mercedes 639 Viano Marco Polo, Opel Vivaro Sintermovil, Reimo 21096, Reimo 21162 Long Battle, Reimo 21755, Reimo 23130 Mercedes, Reimo 23140 Mercedes, Reimo 28050, Reimo 28060, Reimo 28065, Reimo 28066, Reimo Easyfit 21150, Renault Trafic Sintermovil, SCA 124, SCA 182, SCA 190, SCA 194, SCA 262, SCA 290, VW California Kepler, VW California T6/T6.1 Beach, VW California T6/T6.1 Ocean, VW Club Jocker Corta T6, VW CRAFTER/MAN TGE ATE, Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget (2008-2014), Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget (2015), VW California T4, VW California T5 Beach, VW California T5 Comfortline


With extra-large front window., With standard front window., Without front window.