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The interior height available up to the Multiflex is 46cm. The INDEL TB 49 fridge fits perfectly!

Available for California Beach or Multivan.

Dimensions: 104*82cm.

Note: The guides can support up to 120kg, but due to the 102cm spacing between them and the 3mm thick aluminum material, it is recommended to distribute the weight, for example, by placing the fridges on one side.

Optional: Gray carpet.

We also have a removable tray available for California OCEAN/COMFORTLINE.

Made of light gray painted aluminum, measuring 94*70cm.

Note: In the tray for the Ocean model, it is recommended to place the heaviest items on the right side (passenger side) as it is closer to the guide and can better withstand the weight.

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California Beach/Multivan, California Ocean/Comfortline


No carpet, With carpet