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5mm lacquered DM wood structure in gray (interior part) and black (exterior part). Supports up to 15kg.

It is placed in the window frame and secured with two screws, no rivets or adhesive Velcro required.

Dimensions: 77*42*15cm depth (48 liters per case)


This material supports up to 6kg and is like plastic cardboard, suitable for storing sufficient clothing. In this model, the two shelves are also separated by a vertical partition, providing four different compartments.

It is placed in the window frame and secured with two pieces of adhesive Velcro on the lower frame.

Dimensions: 77*42*15cm depth (48 liters per case)

IMPORTANT: In VW California Beach vans with a two-seat bench or California Ocean/Comfortline, the right case will have a depth of 9cm (only wooden structure available).


Double-sided laminated bubble sunshade with aluminum to prevent high temperatures. It is installed using four adhesive points on the back.

VW TRANSPORTER COMBI T5/T6/T6.1: In these vans, the case is installed between the metal sheet and the window glass. To insert the case, there must be a 3mm gap between the metal sheet and the glass. Only available with WOODEN internal structure. Aluminized version is not compatible with this model. Please refer to the installation video.


It can only be installed if the seat belt brackets are removed.

Dimensions: 77*42*15cm depth (48 liters per case)

Not compatible with 1st Generation California Beach.

The cases for Beach and Multivan are only suitable if the windows are lined on the inside, as seen in the images (with no visible metal sheet).


Left side driver

Right side passenger


Ford Transit Custom COMBI (with windows): Aluminized version not available.

Ford Transit Custom COMBI with rear air conditioning: Only the Right case is available.

Weight N/A
Campervan model

Ford Transit Custom Combi, VW Transporter Combi, VW California T5/T6 Beach (Banqueta 2 asientos), VW California T5/T6 Beach (Banqueta 3 asientos), VW California T5/T6 Comfortline ó Ocean, VW Multivan (Banqueta 3 asientos)

Estructura Interna

Polypropylene, Wood


left side window, right side window, Two side windows


Black, Light grey


With aluminized, Without aluminized