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Along with the cover, a storage bag and two elastic straps with plastic carabiners for fastening are provided. The shorter one is used at the rear and the longer one at the front, thus avoiding the use of suction cups!

The Premium cover comes standard with two side windows with zippers for ventilation during summer. They are sealed on the inside with DuPont™ Tyvek® adhesive tape. The PVC used in the windows is treated against UV rays.

The Premium cover is designed to protect the original canvas from rain while also providing insulation against noise, cold, and heat.

Made with DuPont™ Tyvek®, a material manufactured with high-density polyethylene fibers, the cover is strong, lightweight, highly water-resistant, and breathable. This breathability allows for the evaporation of condensation, preventing issues such as moisture, mold, corrosion, and more. These properties ensure the perfect preservation of your vehicle.

You can add the following to the cover:

Front Window: Extra front window made of transparent PVC with a reversible zipper. By default, the cover comes with two side windows.

Solar Panel Opening: Installation of a transparent PVC opening for the placement of a solar panel. Please provide us with a sketch indicating the dimensions and positioning of the panel.

Anti-icing: Easy-to-install front window sunshade. It incorporates Velcro that attaches to the lower front part of the cover, preventing the entry of air. It serves as a sunshade and anti-icing feature.

Portaski Bag: An internal bag made of Tyvek fabric with front zipper access, specially designed for storing skis, boots, and sports equipment.

Accessories: If a side awning is installed, only two pieces of cord with Velcro will be needed for securing it on the right side (2-piece kit). If there is no side awning, a 265cm section of cord will be required (1-piece kit). Both options can be chosen in case the awning is occasionally removed (3-piece kit).

Models that require guides are:

SCA 190 (requires guides)

SCA 194 (requires guides)

Reimo easyfit 2115001C (requires guides)

IMPORTANT: All dropdown menus must have an option selected.


Weight 5 kg
Campervan model

Ford Transit Custom CAP-Land, Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget (2020), Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget PLUS, Mercedes 447 Activity, Mercedes 447 Horizon, Mercedes 447 Marco Polo, Mercedes 639 Viano Marco Polo, SCA 190, VW SCA 194, VW T5 Reimo EasyFit 21150, Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget (2015), VW California T5 Beach, VW California T5 Comfortline, VW California T6 Beach, VW California T6 Ocean, VW California T6.1

Ventana Extra Frontal

With window., Without window.

Placa Solar

With solar panel., Without solar panel


With antifreeze, Without anti-ice.

Bolsa Porta-Ski

With bag., Without bag.


Kit of 1 piece of cord/velcro measuring 260cm without awning., Kit of 2 pieces of cord/velcro with awning., Kit of 3 pieces (with awning and without awning).